Hawaii's people are suffering under the Democrat Political Machine. After 66 years of one-party mismanagement of our economy, our government, our schools, our transportation systems, our law enforcement agencies and much more, record numbers of island residents are either fleeing to the mainland or remaining in Hawaii to endure the daily financial struggle of barely getting by while Democrats enrich themselves at our expense; creating artificial shortages of land and housing which have caused the cost of housing to needlessly explode and enabling costly monopolies from HECO to Matson to HGEA which drive up the price of living in Hawaii. However, despite the issues clearly favoring a Republican revolution in the islands, Democrat puppets who control the Hawaii Republican Party continue destroying the Hawaii GOP from inside our party, just as Democrats keep destroying the State of Hawaii. This is unacceptable. Year after year, decade after decade, a rotating cast of phony Republican 'leaders' exercise their control of the Hawaii Republican Party and choose to allow Democrats to easily win -- allowing liberals to retain the political majority so they can continue writing bad laws, increasing taxes, wasting money, and enriching the politically-connected. People are leaving Hawaii in record numbers each day because everything keeps getting worse and incompetent state GOP leaders are doing nothing to take back our state from Democrats. The Hawaii GOP has blown through millions of dollars here in Hawaii with nothing to show for it. As a 'permanent minority', we now have the lowest number of elected Republicans ever -- just 5 out of 120 elected positions in Hawaii. Auwe! Please kokua by joining our campaign TODAY to install new leaders for the Hawaii Republican Party so we can REPLACE the failed Hawaii GOP leaders who knowingly and deliberately allowed Joe Biden and every Hawaii Democrat on the ballot to win in 2020 without a fight. Even worse, the exact same fake Republicans who were behind installing Shirlene Ostrov as party chair are now pushing more clueless RINO's for top party posts. This guarantees the destruction of any hope for our party and any hope for saving Hawaii. Harmful Democrat policies will never change unless we first take back the Republican Party from closet Democrats and "Republicans in name only" (RINOs). Then, united as Republican reformers, we can make our case to the people from Hilo to Hanalei. You can make a big difference in Hawaii's future. Join us today!


The top two officials at the Hawaii GOP and of the Hawaii Trump campaign, Shirlene Ostrov and Al Frenzel, plotted a course for disaster in 2020.
Despite RINO's controlling the Hawaii Republican Party for decades, Frenzel confidently announced in early 2020 that Trump was going to lose in Hawaii. Frenzel's RINO pal Ostrov simply has no clue what she's doing . . . and KHVH's Rick Hamada illustrated that in excruciatingly painful detail. From the top of the ticket to the bottom, Ostrov, Frenzel, and their RINO allies (Boyd Ready, Rojo Herrera, Gene Ward et al) ensured that Republican challenger candidates all went down to defeat Republicans need to take back their party from these pretenders. We need new YOU to help HIRA Action to install better campaign and better party leaders who are committed to VICTORY in 2022 and beyond. Help us fight the socialist agenda of Hawaii Democrats with new and improved Republican Party leadership for the people of Hawaii. Together, we can lead the fight on issue after issue and build a Republican majority that repeals and replaces failed Democrat policies which are destroying Hawaii. RINOs have no intention of pursuing a path of victory. They only exist to keep our party sidelined, weak, ineffective, broke, and under the heel of Democrats. Auwe!


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