Hawaii's people are suffering under the Democrat Political Machine. Democrat puppets who control the Hawaii Republican Party keep letting Democrats win and allow them to retain the political majority which writes bad laws, increase taxes, waste money, and enrich the politically-connected. People are leaving Hawaii in record numbers each day because everything keeps getting worse and incompetent state GOP leaders are doing nothing to take back our state from Democrats. Please kokua by joining our campaign TODAY to elect new leaders for the Hawaii Republican Party so we can REPLACE the failed Hawaii GOP leaders who allowed Joe Biden and every Democrat on the ballot to win in 2020 without a fight.


Dear President Trump. We support you 100%. But, your campaign's leaders here in Hawaii along with failed leaders of the highly troubled Hawaii GOP are letting Joe Biden win without a fight. You recently replaced your national Trump-Pence campaign manager and now you need to replace your weak Hawaii campaign leaders along with failed state party leaders. Several of these are the same people. Campaign chair Al Frenzel says YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE IN HAWAII (see first video below) and state chair Shirlene Ostrov has no clue what she's doing (see next video below).  Not only are they letting you lose, they are even allowing down-ticket Republican candidates go down to defeat. Please, we need new you to move quickly to install better campaign and better party leaders who are committed to VICTORY in 2020. After 66 years of one-party rule by Democrats, we can no longer look the other way while your Hawaii campaign organization and our worthless state party actively enables Democrats by refusing to lead the fight on issue after issue; with your local campaign leaders and local party officers actually supporting Democrat policies and doing nothing to organize for victory against the opposing party. Help us fight the socialist agenda of Hawaii Democrats with new and improved Trump-Pence campaign leadership and new Republican Party leadership for the people of Hawaii. Mahalo, Mr. President.


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