Please kokua by signing our petition TODAY to ask President Donald J. Trump to use the power and influence of his office to help long-suffering island residents fight the destructive, self-dealing and socialist policy agenda of Hawaii's all-powerful Democrat political machine.


We ask that President Trump use his power and influence to push Hawaii’s elected officials to accelerate the safe re-opening of Hawaii so we can get back to work. Families and businesses are suffering. Our economy is devastated and unlikely to recover any time soon. People are having to line up daily for free food. Hawaii cannot take another month of being in lockdown.


We ask that President Trump direct U.S. Attorney General Willam Barr, the Department of Justice and the FBI to immediately investigate crimes, public corruption, and unconstitutional civil rights violations committed by politicians, government officials, law enforcement agencies, and others in Hawaii. Democrats have long abused their positions to keep power, reward friends and punish enemies. This needs to stop.


We ask that President Trump, the Republican National Committee (RNC) and the Donald J. Trump for President campaign move quickly to replace the top officers of the highly troubled Republican Party of Hawaii. After 66 years of one-party rule by Democrats, we can no longer look the other way while our own worthless state party actively enables Democrats by refusing to lead the fight on issue after issue; with party officers actually supporting Democrat policies and doing nothing to organize against the opposing party. Help us fight the socialist agenda of Hawaii Democrats with new and improved Republican Party leadership for the people of Hawaii.


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